The stone sparrows circled the skies as the wolves breached the city walls. The men of the city guard were nowhere to be seen as moon hid behind the grey clouds. There were no men to defend the last city on earth.

The sparrows had watched over the city from the paper towers for a little over two decades and their flight is now said to suggest an imminent threat. But fools can make an omen out of anything in retrospect. Come dawn, the wind carried the smell of blood and the morning mist caressed the corpses in embrace.

The boy cried as the wolves surrounded his mother as she tried to run out through the merchants gate. She had thrown him into the sewers, hoping that her son would be washed away outside the city and knowing that to drown is a mercy.

The prisoners of the city were made to walk into their own cells and they would be kept there with their selves as flesh and their blood as wine. And the stone sparrows returned to their accustomed place in the paper towers.


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